Getting to Łódź

From A to B


In spite of being Poland's third largest city Łódź's links to the outside world leave much to be desired, though the birth of the budget flight has at least opened a few new routes. Travelling to other destinations in Poland, barring Warsaw that is, can be a trial. Fortunately once you're here you'll find the city has a well-developed tram and bus network as well as a bountiful supply of cheap taxis. If you're traversing Piotrkowska, the principal high street, then take advantage of one of the dirt-cheap rickshaws that zip up-and-down the street.

By Plane

As Poland's third largest city Łódź gets its fair share of air passengers, and with a brand new terminal the experience of flying in to and out of the city has gotten increasingly more pleasant (well, as pleasant as flying can be, anyway).

By Train

With the city lying in the centre of the country, Łódź is a crossroads for many of the rail networks covering the country. It doesn't actually have one central station though which means trains pass through Łódź using two of the three main stations - Kaliska (generally for east/west routes) and Widzew (north/south routes). The third major station is Łódź Fabryczna and while being the most central of the three, it is also a dead-end with trains from Warsaw terminating here, and currently closed for renovations.

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