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Derelict factories are being converted into luxury apartments, Manufaktura – the largest shopping and entertainment development in Central Europe – ranks as one of the most impressive urban regeneration projects anywhere, and its success has inspired further bold urban planning projects that have given the city a certain swagger: OFF Piotrkowska hosting trendy bars, clubs and places to eat, and EC1 cultural centre, with its planetarium and soon to open science museum.The famous film school, founded in 1948 as a pet project of Stalin, has nurtured the talent of Polański, Wajda and Kieślowski, while ul. Piotrkowska - Europe’s longest pedestrian street - rates as one of Poland’s most famous party places. The city continues to change at a breakneck speed with new hotels queuing to join the market, and property investors discovering the hidden beauty and investment opportunities offered by the city’s run-down buildings and fast transit connections to Warsaw.

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