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Adult entertainment in Lucerne


Swiss laws are quite liberal in regard to the sex business: prostitution is legal, both on the streets and in brothels and similar establishments. Both are regulated however, and street prostitution in particular is only legal in very few areas. The time of strip cubs where half-naked ladies dance on a pole until they are entirely naked is apparently over, as the last strip club in Lucerne closed in winter 2016. What still exists are so-called contact bars where you can meet a prostitute and accompany her to a room nearby, whereas in brothels, sex and sauna clubs the offer is even more direct.

Many of these establishments are concentrated in the area around Baselstrasse and Bernstrasse. This somewhat shabby corner of town does not have the best reputation but it can't be called dangerous. You can also find contact bars in the old town and Neustadt. As in other places, many prostitutes work because they have few other income options or, even worse, because they are forced to. Street prostitutes are particularly likely to be victims of human trafficking.

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