Lucerne prepares for summer


When the snowline of the mountains surrounding Lucerne begin receding, the restaurants along the river move their furniture outdoors and the ships on the lake begin ferrying passengers with ever more frequency, you know that Lucerne and its inhabitants are preparing for summer.

While some open-air lakeside bars begin plying their trade as early as April, you’ll have to wait until mid-May for the city’s best swimming spots to officially open. The snowmelt makes temperatures unbearable for all but the most dedicated icy water enthusiasts. That said, although Lake Lucerne will never compete with the Mediterranean, by the end of June its beaches and small bays become an attractive option for a dip.

Summer is also the ideal time to explore neighbouring mountains with an exhilarating hike. While some peaks are accessible year-round, cable cars kick into high gear in June. Discover the most spectacular mountains and other natural wonders here.

Whether you prefer experiencing Lucerne by enjoying a fresh breeze on a mountain peak or on the city’s lakeshore, Lucerne In Your Pocket will help you to make the most of your stay.

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