Luxembourg City

Luxembourg Basics



If you are planning to travel around Luxembourg and are wondering if the weather varies from region to region – don’t. There is a slight difference which is not drastic and results in overcast skies and drizzle in the winter in the northern part of Luxembourg. You simply can’t be too hot or cold since the summers are nice and cool with an average temperature of 17 ° C and the winter reaches around 0 ° C. But don’t worry – if two seasons are just not enough for you, you would be happy to know that Luxembourg has all four – the perfect balance for a great experience!

Crime & Safety

Is Luxembourg safe? – Yes. Should you be careful? – Yes, of course, just like anywhere else you would go. Checking the crime records back in time we should note that most of the crimes are petty ones such as public intoxication which holds the highest percentage of them (30%), burglaries in empty houses and car thefts – so watch out for your car. According to the same reports, the crimes decreased in the last two years by 7% although in fact, the population increased. So there is a minimal risk for crimes but is indeed a safe country.

Hospitals & Pharmacies

Аccording to a London Research Institute, Luxemburg is the first of 16 countries (with Singapour in second place, Switzerland on third and Japan in fourth place!) with the best modern healthcare. An interesting fact is that there are no private hospitals in Luxembourg. If you need to dial the emergency phone - the number is 112. If you are in need of a hospital help you can identify it by the international sign of the letter H with a blue background to it. The same applies to the pharmacies - if you are looking for one, just keep an eye for the international green cross sign you are used to seeing everywhere.

Public Toilets

Free public toilets are mostly available in the most crowded parts of the cities such as the city centres. If you are somewhere in the rural areas you may need to rely on the gas stations for a free one. If you decide to go to the nearest café prepare yourself that they might be only for customers and you will have to pay a small amount to use it.


The number of free WiFi connections in Luxembourg City and Esch-sur-Alzette is the unbelievable count of 1.2 million. So if you have decided to visit two of the biggest cities you won't have to worry about not getting in touch with the rest of the world! Keep in mind that most of the cafés will allow you to use their WiFi if you've already purchased something.

Can you drink the tap water

No matter where you are in Luxembourg it is safe to drink tap water. The bottled one is preferred amongst the locals but not because of medical risk precautions but due to their personal taste. So if you are thirsty and you have a sink around - don't worry, you can enjoy the tap water just as you will the bottled one.

Speaking [Franconian]

Did you know that it might be one of the smallest countries in Europe but still has three official languages? Yes, it does! The first one is Luxembourgish which is a Franconian language and is similar to German and Dutch. That's why you might not be surprised to know that the second one is German. The third official language is French due to its prestige back in time. A good portion of English, Portuguese and Italian is also spoken.

Tourist Card

It is said that using public transport in Luxembourg will be free in 2020 but until then - what's the cost of a tourist card? The Luxembourg Card can be used all around the country which means that if you've planned that sightseeing in differents spots - you don't have to pay extra for a second one. You can purchase the card for one (13€), two (20€) or three (28€) days per person. If you are with your family, don't worry, Luxembourg got that covered also - there are family cards available too! They allow you to visit for free more than 60 museums or use the 2nd class of the busses or trains to travel for free!

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