Located just 70km north of Mostar, Konjic often gets overlooked by visitors travelling between the Herzegovinian capital and Sarajevo to the north. More fool those who don’t stop in this little marvel, a city of some 25,000 people that is home to one of the region’s great stone bridges and a seriously excellent bit of Yugoslav nostalgia. The aforementioned bridge is the Stara Ćuprija, an Ottoman beauty that was constructed in the 17th century and proudly straddles the Neretva in the centre of town. The nostalgia? Well, it doesn’t get much cooler than Tito’s own bunker, ARK-D/0, a nuclear bunker built specially for Uncle Joe and 350 of his closest confidantes. A visit to the bunker is a most for any YugoNerd. If you are travelling to Konjic from Mostar, be sure to stop in Jablanica on the way back for some lamb — the best in the country, if you’re asking us.

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