Palermo In Your Pocket

A most peculiar, most charming, most elegant, and most approachable of European cities, Palermo is criminally underrated when it comes to Europe’s must see destinations. Sure, you don’t come here to ogle at Leonardo Da Vinci paintings, but is that really what you’re deep down after when you roll into a new town? If the answer to that question is, no, then we’ve got a great feeling that you’re going to love the eclectic mixture of colour and flavours that Palermo offers the curious traveller.

Palermo is also easily one of Europe's most interesting food destinations. Think first of the bounty of the sea and then a wine culture that dates back to ancient Greece. Think of Moorish and Jewish flavours from North Africa; and French and Spanish finesse and Technics. Think of lots of fried things and plenty of pizza and pasta too. The influences can be subtle, they manifest in a local love for almonds, raisins, pistachio and couscous. Palermo's restauranteurs and street food vendors, on the other hand, are not subtle, they're proud of what they do and want you to go home hungry.

This city looks mighty different in the heat of the sun or the cool of the evening. You’d easily walk by some of these bars in the day time without the faintest idea of if their business premises have been occupied at all over the past decade, when in truth, probably the night before the spot was hopping. From classy cocktail bars to plebian watering holes, don’t pass judgment on Palermo until you’ve given your best to enjoying an evening on out and about.
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