Seville: The capital of Andalusia

The Andalusian capital is ready to make a believer out of any and all who visit. Seville is arguably Spain’s most confident city, a southern sensation that boasts some of the best food in the country alongside a remarkable selection of architecture, museums, galleries and more. Sure, it gets oppressively hot at times, they don’t call it the ‘Frying Pan of Europe’ without reason, but even that works to its advantages ― what better way to hide from the heat than with a cold Cruzcampo and a plethora of magnificent creativity?

Seville is here to impress you, make no mistake about that. It might be the centre of its region, but Seville is also one of Europe’s great international cities, a city linked to artists, explorers and musicians who either came from here or made this place their home. Inspiration awaits around every corner after all. History is more than just a subject here, as the hopes and dreams of everyone from Hercules to millennials are tangible in the walls and streets of the city, in the drinks of its bars and the dishes of its tapas joints.

Seville is a city of bridges, a city of streets, a city of churches and a city of creativity, with many of those overlapping when you least expect it. This is where Easter is celebrated in its most bombastic form, where the traditions of Andalusia inform everyday life. Is it possible for a city to be underrated and wholly mainstream at the city? Yes, it certainly is, and Seville shows us how.
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