Seville Basics



Climate 'The Frying Pan of Europe’. That nickname has nothing do with the culinary techniques of Andalusia, unfortunately. Seville is the hottest city in Europe and has the temperatures to back it up, but those numbers melt into meaninglessness when the sun is doing its work. The summers are very dry and very, very hot, with the 40s not an unreasonable temperature. Winters are mild, positively heavenly in comparison to those winters.

Crime & Safety

Seville is generally a safe city, but do keep your wits about you in the busier tourist areas. Pickpocketing isn’t unusual after all. The city centre is fine at night, but do listen to the advice of local people if they dissuade you from wandering around certain neighbourhoods. And wear suncream, please, for your own sake.

Hospitals & Pharmacies

Hopefully it won’t be required, but visitors in need of emergency medical attention should visit one of the two major hospitals in the city ― Universitario Virgen del Rocio and Universitario Virgen Macarena. English-speaking staff aren’t guaranteed. As for pharmacies, there are plenty in and around the centre of the city with a number of 24 hour options available, although by ’24 hour’ we mean ‘closed for a few hours in the afternoon’.

Public Toilets

We’ve been predicting the demise of public toilets for a while now, but the smelly things still cling onto existence. There are a few public toilets around the centre of Seville but these are all pay-to-use, so best to nip into a cafe and get yourself a coffee and use significantly better facilities.

Can you drink the tap water

According to some studies, Seville has the best tap water of all of Spain’s big cities. We’re all about refilling those bottles, so this is music to our ears.

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