Stockholm Basics


Weather/Climate: When's the best month to visit Stockholm?

The climate in Stockholm is Baltic, i.e., moderately continental, with average temperatures ranging from -3°C during the winter months to 20°C during the summer months. The best time to visit the city depends on what you want to do. Every season brings a totally different atmosphere; and if you embrace the weather, no matter the season, you will definitely have a wonderful time in the Swedish Capital all year round. Visit the city in summer for an awesome combination of art, nightlife and late-evening promenades around the beautiful harbours. Or visit it in winter for a vast array of snow-and-ice-based activities, holiday celebrations and Christmas markets. Visiting the city in December or January will be like stepping into a stunning Christmas card; with a thick blanket of snow, real fir trees and breathtaking decorations.

Crime & Safety: Is Stockholm safe?

One of Europe’s safest cities, the Swedish capital is a calm place, with a low crime rate. But just because Stockholm is a safe city to visit doesn’t mean that you should not keep your wits about you. Pickpockets and scammers tend to operate at train stations, airports, shopping centres and other crowded places, such as Drottninggatan. So, you need to stay aware of your surroundings as much as possible; be wary of strangers giving you directions or unsolicited advice or offering you help with anything; avoid poorly lit streets; and, last but not least, keep your head up and look confident!

Hospitals & Pharmacies

No one wants to get sick when on a trip. But if you do get sick when in Stockholm, do not worry - Sweden has one of the best universal healthcare systems in the world. For non-urgent medical problems, you can either call 1177 and speak to a nurse in English, or visit the nearest apoteket (pharmacy,) where one of the pharmacists will listen to your needs and make a recommendation. But for more serious illnesses or bad injuries, you can either get yourself to the nearest hospital, or call 112 and ask for an ambulance.

Public Toilets

Most public toilets in Stockholm are clean and modern, so you do not have to worry about a dirty situation when you go to ease yourself. A visit to a public toilet in the city will not spoil your day! Just keep in mind that when you get into a public toilet, you need to pay 5 or 10 SEK in exact change. So, it is a good idea to always have some coins on hand!

Get Connected: Internet & WiFi in Stockholm

Having good Internet access when travelling does make travel easier. Luckily, when on a trip to the Swedish capital, you do not have to wander around and look for free Wi-Fi, because free, high-speed Wi-Fi is widely available in the city. With apps, like Instabridge for Android and iOS, you can easily find free Wi-Fi in Stockholm, so you can avoid data roaming charges, check your navigation, find a good restaurant to eat at, access your email, upload your beautiful photos to Instagram, and update your Facebook status.

Can you drink the tap water in Stockholm?

Sweden is, without a doubt, one of the cleanest and least polluted countries in Europe. Swedes hardly ever buy bottled water, because they know that their tap water is safe to drink and plastic water bottles create a lot of trash. So, when in Stockholm, you can save money and protect the environment by bringing your own water bottle and re-filling it from the tap in your hotel room, café or restaurant!

Tourist Card: Stockholm Pass

Want to save both time and money and still visit the most popular tourist attractions in Stockholm? Then buy the Stockholm Pass! It is a sightseeing package that includes free entry to about 60 must-visit attractions and use of hop-on hop-off bus and boat tours. Some of the places you can access for free with the pass include the Royal Palace, Vasa Museum, and Gröna Lund. It is a good idea to buy the pass with the ‘travelcard’ add-on that gives you unlimited use of public transport, including the trams, buses, metro, and ferries (with the exception of certain boats owned by Waxholmsbolaget!).

Speaking Swedish

Swedish is the official language of Sweden. But most Swedes are proficient in English. Even though they are confident, fluent English speakers, you may still come across people who do not speak English. So, it is advisable to learn some basic Swedish words and phrases, such as:
“Hej” - “Hello”
“Hej då/Adjö” - “Goodbye”
“Förlåt/Ursäkta mig” - “Excuse me”
“Talar du engelska?” - “Do you speak English?”
“Ingång” - “Entrance”
“Utgång” - “Exit”
“Tack” - “Thank you”.It will make your trip to the Swedish capital a very smooth experience!

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