Getting there

Getting there


Several ludicrously cheap buses leave daily from Vilnius’ bus station, starting before dawn and running until the early evening. The journey time is around 30-40 minutes. Trakai’s bus station is a shabby concrete shell with no facilities. As with the train station it’s also a ridiculously long way from the main sights, a good 20-minute walk north up Vytauto. Starting and ending around the same time as the buses but running less frequently, trains take about 40 minutes to make the journey and cost next to nothing.

Taxis are usually parked outside both the bus and train stations. A trip to the centre shouldn't cost more than €2. To reach Trakai by road, take the A1 (E85) road west out of the city, followed by the A4 in the direction of Druskininkai, then the A16 (E28), which takes you the rest of the way. Driving time depends on traffic but is 20 to 30 minutes. A taxi, if called in advance, will cost €25-30.

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