The so-called Dragon of Bosnia stands tall in the annals of the country, a man who stood up for the people against seemingly insurmountable odds. His name was Husein Gradaščević, a 19th century figure who campaigned tirelessly for Bosnian autonomy within the Ottoman Empire. Gradačac was his centre, and his famous tower remains in the town to this day, accessible just 60km north of Tuzla. His castle is a picturesque beauty, home to plenty of intriguing art, history and a fine restaurant with seriously good views. You won’t get a better view of Husein’s mosque than from the window. 

There are also two fascinating artificial lakes nearby, to accentuate the historical offer. Hazna and Vidara are the names of those bodies of water (Vidara is the larger), beautiful spots against which a summer’s day feels ever fresher. Pack a picnic or simply head to the lakes to enjoy the cool breeze as temperatures get ever higher.

The war of the ‘90s made its presence felt in Gradačac and that has not been forgotten, with a number of monuments in the surrounding area. The recently unveiled Lily is one of the country’s most impressive and poignant modern memorials, while the Krajina Express is an all-too-real example of how vital every second is during conflict. Dragons, lakes, war trains and more, Gradačac has plenty to engage and enthral. 

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