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Tuzla Airport

The second-largest airport in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Tuzla Airport has developed impressively over recent years, with a terminal expansion giving the whole experience a nice new sheen. Wizz Air dominates the schedules, offering flights to a variety of cities across Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Hopefully, fingers crossed, that London flight will come back to the schedule. To get to the airport from the city centre, well, you’ll have to get a taxi or one of the private transfers. You can also transfer from Tuzla Airport to Banja Luka or Sarajevo, but come on, visit Tuzla first.

Train Station

Tuzla’s train station has seen better days. There is a romantic old musk to this neglected building, although it is somewhat difficult to imagine it all busy and bustling. The station is in desperate need of repairs, but its proximity to the bus station makes those repairs somewhat superfluous. The direct train to Doboj no longer runs. At the time of writing the station had turned into an impromptu refugee camp, as men and boys continue to traverse the Balkans in search of Western Europe.

Bus Station

Tuzla’s bus station is located a couple of kilometres away from the centre of town, so prepare yourself for a bit of a walk if you are arriving by bus. That or a taxi of course, but the age old advice when it comes to taxi drivers in the Balkans must be adhered to. The bus station itself is relatively modern, with plenty of information as well as a couple of shops and a perpetually busy cafe. Domestic and international routes are available from this strategically important spot.

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