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The most wonderful time of the year! Christmas cynicism seems to be growing with every passing year, but that maleficent disease is yet to infect us here at In Your Pocket. We’re all about wearing those silly jumpers, chomping on some sprouts, eating our weight in turkey and drinking all of the glühwein we can get our hands on, and you better believe we can get our hands on plenty. Christmas season is here and we couldn’t be more excited, as Vienna is home to what we’re happy to call the best festive selection on God’s Green Earth. We’ll fight anyone who disagrees, although please don’t take that literally. 

The 55th issue of Vienna In Your Pocket has winter at its core, with a look at festive Vienna the centrepiece. Which markets should you visit? The answer is obviously ‘all of them’, but the unsure should head to page 10 for a little more information. Failing that, get yourself to page 11 and make plans to visit the MuseumsQuartier. Actually, what are we talking about? Do both, do all! Winter doesn’t come to Vienna everyday (and we’re honestly kinda glad about that…), so it is important to make the most of it, which means shutting the computer, turning notifications off, hanging out with a good group of people and getting all good and boozed on hot wine and beer. You think Santa got that large through sprouts alone? 

There is plenty more in this edition, so those cynics mentioned up top won’t be disappointed, although we dare say Diogenes himself was well into Christmas. You don’t think he had a tree in his barrel? As always we appreciate all feedback, be it through email, social media, fax, telegram, brick, or romantically whispered under the twinkling lights. Is that Viscum album we see above? 

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