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Welcome to 2020! Yes, the age of science fiction is upon us, a time of flying cars, co-habitation with green men from outer space and glitchy music that makes Aphex Twin sound positively folk. What are your plans for the decade? Be ambitious, but be realistic as well. You can conquer Everest, but you’ve got to be breathing to do it.

Wait, you mean this isn’t a self help guide for the new decade?! Of course not, this is your old friend in Vienna, the best way to explore what we’re happy to refer to as the ‘Greatest City on God’s Green Earth’. Vienna is a jewell all through the year, but there is something about the winter that brings out its best side. That side is often covered in snow, but what could be more romantic than gorgeous city walks through the crunchy white? Skiing maybe? Vienna might be all about that city life, but a number of marvellous ski resorts can be found just a short drive out of town. We’ve got a collection of the best covered on page 41. 

A whole new year of art is also about to be unleashed on Europe’s great capital belle, a bevy of exhibitions, events, performances and more that will tickle the cultural tastebuds of even the most cynical aficionados. Our usual comprehensive events coverage will allow you to pick and choose your favourites, but we’re finding it hard to look past the prospect of Slipknot on Valentine’s Day. 

That’ll do for now. Feedback is always appreciated so get in touch via the usual means, you know the score, old-fashioned email, social media, chain mail or stealthily passed on via a chance meeting on a park bench. New year, same Vienna In Your Pocket. 

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