Fast Food & Delivery

Your body might be a temple, but there comes a time when even the leanest of machines needs to be filled with burgers, chips and calories. Here we begrudgingly list all of the familiar fast food franchises intent on global domination (all of which you can probably find in the food court on the top of the Złote Tarasy shopping mall) alongside their small-fry local competitors. Choose wisely. If it's fast and local you're looking for (isn't that why you're here?), you might also try a Polish milk bar or Polish Snacks & Shots bar, both of which we feature in their own sections elsewhere.

If you can't even be bothered to get out into town, a ‘home delivery’ symbol (looks like a guy holding pizza boxes) can be found next to the listings of all restaurants which offer it. Some outstanding services of note for when you're stuck at home in your underwear are; they cooperate with a large range of restaurants, will deliver to all corners of Warsaw, and usually within an hour of ordering.

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