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Bursting with magnificent lakes, hills, streams and forests concealing a small, buttermilk-drinking race of people who speak a strange language and who observe their own unique customs, the little-known region west of Gdańsk that is Kashubia has been drawing urban Poles into its lazy summer clutches for generations. ‘Not German enough for the Germans, not Polish enough for the Poles’ was how Günter Grass, a Kashubian himself, described his native kinfolk, whose heartland, Szwajcaria Kaszubska, or Kashubian Switzerland, offers a wealth of opportunities for the traveller tired of the same old Polish holiday routine. Refreshingly different and pleasantly lacking in foreigners, Kashubian Switzerland is small enough to be covered in a day or two by car or bus, yet rich enough in opportunities to swim, fish and sail as well as enjoy its unique culture to fill you with enough good memories to last for years to come.

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