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more than a year ago
Ron Aandeweg (44) looks like an average family man with a boring job. But nothing could be further from the truth. This energetic Dutch bachelor is the manager of Campo Alegre in Curacao, the biggest adult resort in the Caribbean. This exotic and erotic place hosts between 120 - 150 beautiful ladies every day.

Let's start with the most important question. Where can we apply for such a job?
Ron: “You don’t. I was lucky enough to be invited to this job. I was working for the last 25 years in the hotel business in the Netherlands and then this question came from one of my regular costumers. He happened to be the one of the owners of this complex and was looking for a new manager. I have to admit, I really never ever heard of Campo Alegre. But after spending some time on Google, I soon knew what my new work environment would look like.”

Did you really hesitate?
Ron: “Yes, I asked for some time to think. But after a couple of days I decided I should go for the adventure and see what comes from it.”

You're surrounded every day by 120 - 150 beautiful woman who all make their money by providing sex to men. How difficult is it to resist such temptation?
Ron: “Not. We have a zero tolerance policy about this. I might work in the biggest candy store in the Caribbean, but I can’t open the lid of the jar. I know that. Many workers in the past have been fired because of this. And I agree with that. It’s just too dangerous if you develop a relationship with one of our girls.”

In your official documents it states that Campo Alegre is a hotel. Tell us something more about that.
Ron: “That’s true. 65 years ago the government of Curacao started a brothel at this location. They wanted to stop the growth of prostitution on the streets of Curacao. In the beginning we mainly had girls from Cuba, but now we have women from all over the Caribbean and South America. Don’t forget we have been a fully legal establishment for nearly 60 years. The 150 rooms of Campo Alegre are rented out on a daily basis for three months to our ladies. They pay 100 guilders per day to us for the accommodation and the facilities. Whatever the girls charge to their costumers is not our business.”

Do girls have to stay and work here all day?
Ron: “No, girls can leave our walled complex between 06:00 and 18:00. Some of them go to town to get food, get their nails done, do their make-up or go to the hairdresser. At 18:00 they must return to our park. If not, we will not hesitate to pack their bags and send them home on a plane. We have these strict rules also to avoid any street prostitution in Willemstad.”

What’s the average price for sex on Campo Alegre?
Ron: “Each woman makes her own prices. The youngest one is 18 years old, the oldest almost 50. And believe it or not, she is the most popular one. Experience should not be underestimated in this profession. These older women know how to make a man feel comfortable. If I have to mention a number, I would say 50 guilders is the average price. This friendly price is one of the reasons for Campo Alegre’s popularity. Although some ask double or triple that price. It all depends on the quality. Campo is an unlimited erotic paradise.”

After three months their visa expires and the girls go back home. Does their homefront know what kind of job they did on Curacao?
Ron: “I would say no in many occasions. But if you grow up in – let’s say – Haiti. How big is your chance to escape poverty in one of the poorest countries in the world? If our girls return home to their countries after three months of hard work, but with UD$10,000 in their pocket, they can buy half the country there and start a normal job or business. For the rest of their lives! What would you do if you were in a similar position and you were gifted with good looks. It’s always easy to judge from the sideline, but what would happen if you were in that position…”

If you have so many girls and men together in one place where having sex is the main goal, aren't sexually transmitted diseases a concern?
Ron: “Yes. That’s why we value health and safety. There is a medical doctor on the premises and ladies are tested weekly for all sexually transmitted diseases including HIV.”

Are condoms included in the deal?
Ron: “Yes, we think that safe sex is very important. Our girls will provide our customers with a good quality condom. We estimate that we use 12,000 condoms per year. (Then laughing adds) Maybe we should start buying them in large quantities from the factory, just to get a discount...”

I noticed that most of the girls of Latin American origin. I didn’t see any Caucasian women. Is a Latin American background a must?
Ron: “No. White girls are more than welcome, but they never apply for a job. Most of our girls speak Spanish and English as a second language. But all speak the universal language of love. You’ll discover that language is hardly ever a barrier…”

Are there male prostitutes here?
Ron: “No, but they are also welcome. Curacao has two gay clubs, and I guess that’s where the men go who want to have sex with a man.”

Last question, can I pay with VISA or Mastercard?
Ron: “No, our girls accept cash only. Unfortunately, Campo Alegre does not have an ATM machine, but does allow guests to swipe their credit or debit card at a special terminal to withdraw cash. I actually would love to have an ATM here, but all of the banks are too afraid...”


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