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The financial avalanche that started two years ago in Greece and has now spread all over Europe, has left the country and its citizens on their knees. The population has already gone through the stages of denial and anger and is slowly coming to terms with the idea that their life is never going to be the same again.

A new government was formed in November under prime minister Lucas Papademos, an ex central banker, and a new bail out has been agreed to keep Greece afloat. But given the severity of the crisis and the fact that it has touched the heart of the Eurozone, no one can tell if the money will keep coming in through the winter.

Although demonstrations and riots in the streets of Athens are not as frequent as a few months ago, we have prepared a “survival guide” in case you happen to be in the city during a public protest.
We also have some suggestions on how to make your stay in the city more affordable.

Finally, although few visitors think of Greece as a winter sports destination, there are more than 20 decent ski resorts scattered around the country. We have all the information about those accessible from the capital even for a day’s excursion. And talking about day trips, we also suggest a fascinating visit to the ancient “Naval of the world” in Delphi, a popular destination for many visitors of Athens.

And as always, there is our comprehensive guide to the city nightlife which still remains vibrant, especially during weekends, and our complete guide to the Athenian museums and arcaelogical sites. Enjoy your stay.

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