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Epigraphical Museum
They Stole my money in the wallet. I love history and byzantine art,so at the byzantine and christian museum on 3 Oct, I took a full ticket there to visit also archeological national museum, Epigraphic museum, and also Numismatic Museum the next day. The next day 4th Oct ,I went to Epigraphic Museum as it was near Archeological museum. Since the entrance the staff was strange, the museum itself looked empty, only after there was an asian couple before me. They told me the personnel two ladies mid age, to leave my tablet bag with them for safety, for me was fine. They also asked me where Im from, which I said to them from Albania, we are neighbors. When I gave to them my leather bag, I realized that I had my wallet inside a hidden pocket. I thought that will look bad to take again back the bag and remove the wallet in front of them and give back the bag again. So I decided to not ask as I thought will stay safety, anyway was my first time in Athens and in this museum. The museum itself if you are not an old greek linguistic or historian, there are only ancient big marble block written in many years BC like decrees etc. During all the time there was a personnel man following me even though I was alone and no one else. Only after I realize that he didn''t follow me for the historical piece safety. So after I finished I went back to take my bag to the two ladies in the entrance to take my bag, and also asked for the entrance of the National Archeological museum but she didn''t reply, and showed me an angry face. I took my back, and I knew that something was wrong, and I was walking to the main door and as I was walking I checked my wallet, there were missing 150euros and in my wallet were left only 50euro plus 10 euro. All my money were in 50euros each. I was at the exit door outside. In the morning I took with me 200euros and I was sure plus 10euro, and all this time I never took out my wallet. I want back and gently I asked them, (now the man that was following me was with the ladies), all the three when they saw me coming back they had a face ready to attack me, I told them if they were sure that my bag was safe there with them? Asked twice as they act as didn''t understand . I saw behind them all other bags in the table. The big lady replied to me very angry, she said what do you think that we all three do here! and all of them with angry faces were ready to attack me. I told them seriously, Ok thank you, then. I knew that I couldn''t resolve a think with them, only they will say that I made false accusation without proves. I thought to make denouncing in police station, there should be surveillance cameras. But as greeks doesn''t like Albanians even though are in millions in Greece, I will loose only time, and also to check in afternoon the flight. I knew that I made mistake not taking my wallet with me. I simply went to the next museum and relaxed my self before my flight, I was angry yes, not for the money but for the way how they acted. By chance, Im also partner in two main Balkan news online media, that I own 35% of the shares, this media have millions of visitors monthly, as they are in Albanian language and English. I''m very sorry for this museum but I can influence in our readers in very different way if I want to make harm the Greek tourism .
10/06/2017 Arber

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