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Luggage lockers

Luggage lockers can be found at Omonia, Monastiraki and Piraeus old (green) line metro stations.


To dial abroad you must first dial the usual 00 with the country code. For calls in Greece you need the city code and the subscribers number. Athens city code is 210 but that's only for the numbers belonging to the old state monopoly OTE. The last few years, a number of companies compete with OTE and they use  211, 212 and 213 as their prefix. You always have to dial the prefix.

Post offices

If you are the old-fashioned type and a snail-mail lover, here is a list of centrally located post offices.
The stamp to post a 20gr letter or postcard abroad costs €0.70. Add to that €3.20 for registered and €2.90 for express mail.

Public Transport

The ticket for all means of transportation costs €1,40 and usable for 90 minutes after its validation. There is a cheaper ticket at €1,20 but that's valid for just one ride on all means of transportation except the metro.
24h tickets cost €4 and 7day tickets cost €14.
There are also monthly and yearly unlimited travel cards at various costs. For info call 185 or ask at any public transport ticket kiosk or metro station. Fines for fare-dodgers are 60 times the price of the ticket.


There are no taxi companies in Athens, all taxis are independent businesses and this often keeps the quality of their service at low levels.
Some taxi drivers try to earn a day’s (or even a week’s) wages from foreign visitors. This type of taxi-driver usually operates at airports, train stations and harbours.

Always ask for the metre to be on, never accept a fixed price if you pick a taxi in the street (exceptions are the airport rides that have a fixed price of €35 during day time (05:00-24:00) and €50 during the night) Starting price is at €1.19 and then there is a fixed rate of €0.68 per km for the single, day-time tariff (05.00-24.00), and €1.19 per km for the double, night-time tariff. The minimum charge for every ride is €3.16. There is an additional charge of €1.07 from and to harbours, train and bus stations. You can call a radio taxi by paying an extra €1.92 for immediate pick up (which can take some time during rush hours) or €3.39-€5.65 for an appointment. Please note that the following radio-taxi companies only handle the calls and do not own the taxis. They are not therefore responsible for the conduct of the drivers.


The Greek rail network is one of the smallest in Europe. In fact, there are just two main lines: one to the north of the country and another to the Peloponnese. The mountainous landscape of the country does not allow for an extensive network but the truth is that neither has the railway ever featured among the Greek government’s top priorities. Only over the last twenty years has been an effort to modernise and upgrade existing rail services, and as a result the travelling time between Athens and Thessaloniki is now less than five hours.

For railway enthusiasts however Greece is not short of scenic routes, some of them otherwise inaccessible.

All trains to and from Athens depart the city from Larisis station (Metro: Stathmos Larisis)
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