Zauber Zauber

Nov 7 - Jan 26 2020       Potsdamer Straße 96, Tiergarten
You’re never too old for magic. We’ve all experienced that open-mouthed moment when the realisation hits, when you see something that isn’t possible, that shouldn’t be possible, can’t be possible, but somehow it is happening in front of your eyes. This winter, the mysterious world of magic will take over the Wintergarten through one of the great one-of-a-kind shows, a collection of performers defying logic and bewitching the senses. Suspend your disbelief and embrace the quite literal magic of it all, and you might just find yourself all sorts of excited again. This isn’t high school magic, oh no, this is astounding stuff that shouldn’t be possible. Zauber Zauber runs until the end of January but don’t rest on this one, you might end up going more than once. 



Nov 7 2019 - Jan 26 2020
Wintergarten Variété
Potsdamer Straße 96, Tiergarten
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€ 53-132

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