Cannes & the French Riviera In Your Pocket

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and known for its stunning views of the water, super yachts parked on the port, and colourful buildings, Cannes is the ultimate destination for lovers of good and exclusive lifestyle. Shopping is equally a significant activity in Cannes, there are shopping areas that have all sorts of fashion and other items, the La Croisette area is popular for those on a shopping spree. Visitors who want to understand the history and culture of Cannes go to Le Suquet, which is the old part of Cannes. Also, there are clean beaches on the coastline that are ideal for those who want to swim and sunbathe while in Cannes, others take a day trip to snorkel on nearby islands such as Île Sainte-Marguerite.

Sightseeing in Cannes

When compared with other destinations, Cannes does not offer many attractions or places of interest because the beauty of the city itself is a major attraction. One of the goals the majority of people who go to Cannes have is to mimic the lavish lifestyle that the rich and famous celebrities display when in Cannes. A well spent day in Cannes can entail walking along La Croisette Promenade admiring yachts, going for a long boat ride while indulging in gourmet food, or simply strolling through the small streets in town. Having said that, there are attractions that must be seen and admired.

Dining in Cannes

Almost every restaurant visit in Cannes is quite an experience. The magnificent views, that Cannes offer, are part of the experience to be sought after while indulging in coastal seafood. First impressions would say that Cannes' eating places are mainly for film stars, but after taking a closer look at the welcoming attitude of waiters and hostesses, it is very clear that everyone is welcome. To get a better feel of how the locals live, opting to eat in small market eateries or corner food shops in the back streets is a good and rewarding move.

Drinking in Cannes

Nightlife in Cannes is taken very seriously. The most beautiful and the most glamorous start appearing in their miniskirts, tight trousers, and tanned faces. Visiting Cannes during the Cannes Film Festivals is probably the best thing to do in order to increase the chances of mingling with celebrities and fashionistas in the clubs and bars. Nightlife here is not only about nightclubs, but also about hotel wining, bars, as well as street parties—everyone is happy in Cannes and get buzzed up one way or the other.

French Riviera Excursions: St Tropez

A town along the coast on the French Riviera, in Côte d'Azur region, Saint Tropez has over the years maintained the reputation of being known as the spectacular and fancy holiday destination. Saint Tropez has clean and sandy beaches that are a jewel to the town and a big contributor to revenue. Nightclubs, bars, and other night entertainment places are equally money machines for the town. People come from all over the world to enjoy the music, food, and the sun.

French Riviera Excursions: Antibes

On the French Riviera, between Cannes and Nice, lies this resort town of Antibes that has a rich history dating back to the 16th century. Not only does the town serve as a destination for tourists on day trips from Cannes, Nice, and other nearby cities, but it is also a fully functioning resort town that boasts of nice hotels, sandy beaches, and lots of other things to do and see.
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