Mummy of the Mysterious Lady: Studies & Perspectives

Nov 4 - Mar 5 2023       ul. Tadeusza Dobrowolskiego 1
This archaelogical exhibition at the Silesian Museum centers around a prized mummy with murky origins. Donated to the Royal University in Warsaw by Jan Wężyk-Rudzki in 1826, the artefact was received with the claim from researchers that it likely contained the mummy of a woman and may have been removed from the Royal Tombs at Thebes. This notion was turned upside down in the 1820s when the heiroglyphics on the sarcophagus were read, indicating that the coffin belonged to male Egyptian priest Hor-Djehutin, who lived around 1 BCE/1 CE; as such it was presumed that his body was preaserved inside. State-of-theart radiological examinations in the 1990s did nothing to undermine this assumption. However, recent findings by the Warsaw Mummy Project, who have had the artefact since 2015, have proved without a doubt that the mummy contains the body of an unidentified woman. The exhibit goes into the relatively new non-invasive, non-destructive techniques used to perform a 'virtual autopsy' on the mummy, and the subsequent findings that have set the record straight. Based on the collected data (estimated age: 20-30 years old, probable cause of death: cancer, perfect teeth indicating good diet and high-quality embalming techniques indicating high social status) the researchers try to make conclusions of what we do know about this mysterious lady, without presuming too much and making the mistakes of their predecessors. An interesting look at ancient Egyptian burial techniques and contemporary archaeological processes.



Nov 4 2022 - Mar 5 2023
Silesian Museum
ul. Tadeusza Dobrowolskiego 1

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Admission 14/9zł.


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