Košice City Guide

There’s something special about this place. The second-largest city in Slovakia, Košice has a remarkable way of working its way into your heart and setting up shop, your new favourite city just waiting to be discovered. Maybe it is the sweeping nature of the city’s Gothic architecture, or the grandeur of the country’s biggest square, or maybe even the energy of Slovakia’s best nightlife. Almost all of the Central Europe cliches come true in Košice, a city that offers everything that inspired the establishment of In Your Pocket in the first place.

This is a 24-hour destination, a charmer that serves up great coffee in the morning and no small amount of beer at night, with some of the best restaurants in Slovakia waiting to help soak it all up. And soak it up you should, as this is a place for wandering, a city full of beautiful people surrounded by beauty of the architectural kind. And that’s just the main square, a huge boulevard featuring intimidatingly stunning churches, museums and galleries that are dripping with history, and some of the best beer in Slovakia.

Košice ticks all of the In Your Pocket boxes. A small town feel in a big city shell? Check. Architecture that positively sings to you? Double check. More great pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes than we’ll ever have time to visit? Check, check, check. Come to Kosice before everyone else does, and be sure to visit Halmi Place at least three times — you won’t regret it. 
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