Košice is just about as ‘Central European’ as it gets, so expect a fairly Central European climate. Summers are hot, with temperatures pushing the early 30s on a regular basis, while winters can easily get down to -5 and stay there. Spring and autumn are beautifully temperate, although June can be surprisingly rainy.

Crime & Safety
The centre of the city is extremely safe at all times of day, although common sense is always required. The bus and train stations can attract large groups of loiterers, which is fairly common for this part of the world. Corruption is always an issue but this rarely impacts visitors. All in all, Košice gets the thumbs up safety approval from us.

Hospitals & Pharmacies​​​​​​​
Heaven forbid you’ll need one, but it is always useful to have an idea as to where hospitals are. The Louis Pasteur University Hospital is located at Trieda SNP 1 and is accessed via bus lines 17 or 19, although if you’re in need of a hospital then you’ll likely need transport a little quicker than the bus. As for pharmacies, well, you’re never more than 10 metres from one, or so it seems. There are four on Hlavna alone. 112 is the general emergency phone number, while call 115 for ambulance emergencies.

Public Toilets
There are well-maintained public toilets on Hlavna, along with good facilities at the train station. At the time of writing it was a €0.50 charge to use them, so you’re better off nipping into an excellent cafe for an espresso and using the facilities while you’re at it.

Can you drink the tap water​​​​​​​
The tap water in Košice is fine stuff, so feel free to fill that bottle up and hydrate yourself at every opportunity. When the temperature hits scorcho in the middle of summer you’ll need it.​​​​​​​

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