Minsk is hardly a shoppers’ paradise, although most things are available, for a price.

What to buy
Contrary to popular opinion, Belarus has plenty of fantastic indigenous products that serve well as both gifts and souvenirs.
Classic folk-related things include nesting matryoshka dolls, hand-painted wooden spoons, plus a wealth of bits and pieces fashioned from straw and flax, among them dolls in national costumes plus straw horses and chickens popular with children. If you look around you can also pick up some nice inlaid wooden boxes which make great little jewellery boxes. Linen is a favourite, and is represented predominantly as tablecloths and napkins, usually for a very good price. Or why not some chocolate? Two well established brands making a range of chocolates of exceptional quality are Kommunarka and Spartak.
Locally-produced glass and ceramics are both good value and can be really very nice indeed, and, last but not least, Milavitsa has been making quality ladies underwear since Soviet times. As well as the Gifts & Souvenirs section on p. 45, keep an eye out for other shops and the markets listed in this guide, several of which provide perfect gift and souvenir solutions. 

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Editor's Picks & Featured Venues

Bigzz (Бигз)

 Borovaya 5 (д. Боровая, 5)

Car Market (Автомобильный рынок)

 Malinovka district, southwest of the ring road (микрорайон Малиновка)
Motor vehicles and the associated bits that make them tick.

Flora - Design (Флора-дизайн)

 ul. Yakuba Kolasa 50 (ул. Якуба Коласа, 50)

Hippo (Гиппо)

 Rokossovskogo pr. 2 (просп. Рокоссовского, 2)
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