Incredible Oslo: What to see, do, eat, drink, buy and experience

The capital of Norway - the land of extreme wealth, Vikings, Karl Ove Knaussgard and all the other stereotypes that automatically get attached to Scandinavian countries - Oslo probably isn't one of the first cities that come to mind when one thinks of Europe's top tourist destinations. However, for our tastes this bustling city is one of the region's and the continent's most interesting urban centres to visit. While it is expensive (not as expensive as Iceland, but not far behind), travellers of all budgets can enjoy themselves in Oslo, although those who don't have to constantly count their krone will likely have a better time of it.

When we first think of Oslo, the name Munch and his famous painting 'The Scream' is the first image that pop's into our minds, and amongst Oslo's top attractions is indeed the Munch Museum, as well as with the Royal Palace, Nobel Peace Centre and a whole host of parks and gardens rounding out the top five - with the latter offering a great way to spend your time without spending any money. When it comes to Norwegian cuisine, the first word on the tip of most people's tongues will likely be the infamous lutefisk, but don't let this acquired taste dissuade you from indulging in the truly excellent Nordic cuisine to be found in Oslo, whether it's fine dining from a Michelin starred kitchen, a romantic meal with a view or a lively brunch with friends after a night out enjoying the city's equally lively nightlife scene.

Thanks to Norwegian Air, Oslo and the rest of Norway is easier, and cheaper, to reach than ever, with direct flights into Oslo Airport from Bangkok to Seattle. Oslo is also the best launching pad for trips elsewhere in the country, be it a quick day trip to Lillehammer or T√łnsberg, a longer stop over in Kristiansand or Bergen, or a unforgettable cruise along the coast and Norway's stunning fjords.

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