Health & Leisure

Health & Leisure


Plovdiv has a lot of parks, with the one in the city centre having just undergone a major 'beautification'. With so many hills, cycling could be something of a challenge but you could certainly cycle around one of the larger parks.

Mercifully there are several outdoor pools and water parks which are a lifesaver in the hot summer months.

Most locals, it has to be said, would go out of town for their leisure time, to the wonderful Rhodope mountains.

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Editor's Picks & Featured Venues

Large cultural centre hosting a variety of events.

Cinema City

 Mall of Plovdiv, ul, Perushtitsa 8
11 modern halls, 8 of them are 3D,

Flamingo Cinema

 bul. Shesti Septemvri 128

Gradska Gradina

 Between bul Shesti Septemvri and ul. Hristo G. Danov
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