Shkodra In Your Pocket

A diamond-shaped city wedged between the Rozafa Citadel, the magnificent Albanian Alps, deep blue Lake Shkodra, a 30-kilometre sand beach and the serene Buna river delta - Shkodra is a diamond in the rough with plenty of potential.
While many visitors quickly breeze though the city, Shkodra’s turbulent 2400-year history has left plenty of interesting relics that make a stay in Albania’s cultural capital worthwhile. Hundreds of years of no-nonsense religious and ethnic tolerance resulted in booming trade, witnessed by Shkodra’s grand merchants’ homes, and dozens of mosques and Catholic and Orthodox churches standing in close proximity to each other. Now, as the Shkodran poet Filip Shiroka wrote, “be off to Albania on your flight, off to Shkodra, my native town!”.
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