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Oh Trebinje, beautiful Trebinje, how to get to your magnificent town? Like many spots in Bosnia & Hercegovina, Trebinje is in an incredible geographical position, albeit one that modern modes of transport seem reluctant to truly embrace. Croatia, Montenegro, and inland BiH are just a short drive away, although that drive becomes a much longer one if you find yourself a passenger on a bus. Still, this is definitely a city worth waiting for.


Trebinje does not have an airport of its own, but there are plenty of options within driving distance. Dubrovnik Airport is just 42km from town, and is clearly the best option (depending on the wait at the border). For those looking to fly into Montenegro and then move to Trebinje, Tivat (71km) and Podgorica (130km) are within steering distance. If we’re talking only of other airports in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Mostar (109km) and Sarajevo (204km) are the domestic options.

Bus Station

We’re happy to go on record and say that Trebinje has the best bus station in Bosnia & Hercegovina. We’re talking about modernity of course, and this is about as modern as the country gets. Information is clearly displayed and staff speak good English, while the cafe is bright is cheery with plenty of options and decent WiFi. There are a couple of stores and a nearby supermarket, and there is even a stand for charging your electronic car. The bus station is found in the south of the city, not far from the city park.

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