By the Numbers
Population — 31,433
Area — 854.5 square kilometres
Official Language — Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian
Local Time — Central European (GMT +1)

The Convertible Mark (KM) is the local currency, originally pegged to the deutschmark and now aligned with the Euro. Conversion is simple — €1 is 2KM. 

Tap Water
The tap water in Bosnia & Hercegovina is marvellous, delightful, refreshing, clean, tasty and invigorating. In short, everything we want tap water to be. Don’t be afraid to open the faucet and fill that glass. 

Trebinje is about as southern as cities get in Bosnia & Hercegovina, so it is no great surprise to see the climate mimic that of its neighbours. What that means is brutally hot summers, temperate winters, and beautiful stretches of weather in spring and autumn. Trebinje is thought to get more hours of sunshine than any other city in the country, and we’re yet to see any evidence to the contrary.

Crime & Safety
Trebinje is an extraordinarily safe city, no matter the time of day. It isn’t a large city by an stretch of the imagination, and the many trappings that modern tourism brings on the negative front are yet to make it here. Walking around at all times of night is very safe, there are next to no petty crimes, and your chances of being ripped off by taxis and establishments alike are slim to none. 

This is a relaxed city — it doesn’t take long to work that out — so it almost goes without saying that people enjoy a drink or two here. Wine is the main event but it might not stay that way for long, with beer creeping up all the time. The region is blessed with many fantastic wineries, many of which can be found in local restaurants and bars. Drink local, as always.

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