Malta: A Paradise Island for All Seasons!


Our full Malta In Your Pocket guide coming soon!

What first comes to mind when you think about Malta? Is it the numerous buildings and construction sites that dot the Mediterranean island, or its pretty beaches and aquamarine waters surrounding its coast? True. Malta is becoming more heavily congested with concrete blocks, cars, and people than ever before. It’s unique island charm almost completely obliterated by human development. But, luckily enough, there is much beauty left to see and enjoy around the archipelago. The quaint cores of some of Malta’s oldest towns and villages remain true to their time. The fortified capital Valletta and Mdina - Malta’s former capital - never fail to impress. 

With a history that goes back as much as a thousand years, crystal clear seas perfect for diving in, Mediterranean cuisine that can appease the most discerning gourmets, a busy cafe culture, bustling nightlife, you name it… Malta has something for everyone. This pea-sized rock in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea packs loads of diversity. There’s plenty to see and do, but thanks to Malta’s compact size, all you need are a couple of days and you’ll manage to cover it all!

Denise Rejec is a content writer from Malta and also runs the blog Wine Dine Slovenia.
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