Ballet Triptych

Saturday Sep 21 18:30–20:30       Vienuolio 1
Evening of one-act ballets.

Ballet Triptych is an evening of three one-act ballets. Three young Lithuanian choreographers – Martynas Rimeikis, Edita Stundytė and Živilė Baikštytė – present their newest works, each of them creating their own story, presenting their own perception of the surrounding world. These three ballets are completely different: they present unique views into the world of choreography.
All three choreographers have already attracted the attention of ballet enthusiasts. Ballet Der Prozess, created by M. Rimeikis two years ago, was bestowed the Golden Cross of the Stage prize, LNOBT awarded it with the Event of the Year title, and the work itself gained extraordinary attention not only in Lithuania, but also abroad.
This time M. Rimeikis’ ballet Days, Minutes speaks of the frantic race against time, in which there are no winners – everything is moving so quickly that one feels as if one simply stands still and watches time go by. E. Stundytė is retelling the story of the famous pre-war dancer from Warsaw Francesca Mann, following her from sumptuous stages to the gas chamber in a concentration camp.
Ž. Baikštytė‘s ballet In the Beginning There Was Nothing is a story about the creation of the world based on Lithuanian myths and fairy tales – it offers a personalized vision of this cosmological narrative.  




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