Christopher Summer Festival

Jun 17 - Sep 8 2019       Vilniaus 30
This year, the Christopher Summer Festival is coming into its 25th summer season. When celebrating this kind of anniversary, you would normally say ALREADY 25. But we're taking a different approach. We are JUST 25, and there's still a lot ahead for us.
The future starts from history, so many are intrigued “what's this Christopher, why Christopher?” We have heard many original answers, yet everything is actually quite simple and at the same time, somewhat poetic. 
Christopher was born in 1995. The name of the festival comes from Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travellers and Vilnius. So the essence of the Christopher Summer Festival is already encrypted in its title – a broad musical panorama, and a sense of belonging to Vilnius. These two factors have determined the musical spectrum, and the desire to show-off the capital's beauty by organising concerts in courtyards, churches, on the river and in the sky, from the very first years since its inception... 
This summer, performances will take place on firm ground, but there will be plenty of novelties: from the chance to be a concert art director to musical breakfasts, from making an acquaintance with Stanisław Moniuszko to the stories of Hans Christian Andersen. But there's also the new faces, unexpected combos and well-established traditions. 
We are very happy to be with you, so let's celebrate by gearing up for music, with a flourish! So let's celebrate by taking spoonfuls of music, all summer long!



Jun 17 2019 - Sep 8 2019
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