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With something on every night of the week, this longstanding favourite in the middle of the Old Town brings an Italian and Spanish disco-bar feel to the Lithuanian capital. A friendly, mainly youthful mix of partygoers knocks back tempting cocktails beneath big TV screens, and things get especially heaving late at night. Tuesday is Erasmus night, the biggest student party in town, Thursday is for indie rock, and expect cool DJs at weekends.


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Open 22:00 - 06:00.

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Entrance free - €3.


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For me it's the best place in vilnius. I'm always comparing every club abroad with salento. Young frienfly people, free entrance till certain hours. Even this isn't a big place, it is really cozy and superb!! It offers affordable prices and thethere foreigners are welcome in there. Every week they are organising themed parties on tuesdays. the music are absolutely awesome!! P.s. salento is nor participating in green night
Hey yo! Me and my friend went there yesterday due to the ''Green night'' occasion where the entrance officially had to be free. when we came they said that it costs 10 litas for each. I was stunned. It's not about the money, but about the idea of festival that they have damaged.
I was there last week-end and i like it very much the atmoshoere was very cool and the girls were very friendly... I was there also on monday and i spent there my last hours before leaving lithuania and i was surprised for finding a good party even on monday!
l was in salento there three years ago then they call helos l went back last year great time good music good staff is friendy l be go back next year salento rockz
There is a horrible sewer like smell that is there all the if you have a nervous disposition to nasty smells best avoid this place!I was approached by 3 prostitutes when I was last time there, offering me their services so if that's what you are looking for its definitely the place for you:D
Considering the interior and style of music, the place is amazingly casual, and I mean this in a good way. I've been there already about ten times, and each time the crowd is engaging and fun, no matter the size. I've found it very quiet and relaxed (conversation-having relaxed) until around 12:30, when things kick into gear until 6am, when the remaining handful of people are still going strong.It can get hot in there (though not as hot as 311, the main place I'd compare Salento to), especially when it's packed on weekends, so take advantage of the relaxed dress code to dress comfortably.Foam parties are due for a comeback, and I'm glad Salento offers one every Thursday.If I had to make assumptions about the crowd, I'd say that pretty much everyone there under 25 is Lithuanian (both men and women), while pretty much everyone over 25 is foreign (again men and women). It's nice to see a place that has young local men and older foreign women, as the usual nightclub combination (young lithuanian women and older foreign men only) is very, very tiresome.As for the music, it's, sadly, pretty much what one could expect from any sort of club in Vilnius: contemporary Euro dance hits. The TVs play an Italian video channel all night, and it's happened often that I've noticed that the song coming over the sound system is that of the video I just finished watching. We have been treated to early 90s US Top 40 DJ sets, but, in general... Still, this is not the place for me to complain about the quality of dance music at *every* club in Vilnius.
I was there becouse some my friend told me that it's a new place made by Italian, I can say that,the atmosphere was really super, the people and the staff very friendly(especially the waitress Raminta) the music too was nice,just i think that they could find some more expert dj that could mix a bit better the songs and then really could be everything perfect ;-) anyway i'll leave Vilnius today :-( so good luck to Salento and i hope to come back soon ;-)
plastic fake people that SMOKE a lot and like to show off. bad atmosphere, do not bother
I ask the staff at our hotel for suggestions and he recommended Salento. Indeed it is a very nice place. It's located just to the left side as you face the city hall. It's inside a building that also houses a steakhouse and a Japanese restaurant. There's an ATM at the entrance of the building. Mostly of the folk at this club where in their 20's although we are in our late 30s, we felt unusually comfortable. Good ratio of girls to guys. We chatted with a few locals and everyone that we approach was friendly with lots of smiles. Even if their English was not fluent. There was a foam party on the night we visited which was a blast. Table and chairs soon disappeared under the waves foam. I could not believe how much foam the shot out. Large good draft was just 7 litas. The staff was efficient and did their job (service was fast, toilet cleans, security aware of what is going on); although I agree not specially super friendly, management could benefit by use some Pabo Latino customer training skills here. But it not a deal breaker; the revelers provided ample fun to make up for the club's staff seriousness. I recommend this place specially for the 20's age crowd. We had a very good time at Salento too.
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