Vilnius International Airport

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Maggie Malone

Are there cash machines in tyhe arrivals lounge at Vilnius Airport? EDITOR... Yip, take a look at the Arriving text here

When I arrived to Vilnius the first time we did the mistake to jump in to one of the cabs waiting outside of the terminal... That ride cost us 82Lt.!!! The next time around I had my colleagues order me a cab to the airport and it was 16Lt.! So I can totally recommend pre-booking and if possible ask a local to do it. )

We never learn... Just dropped off Vilnius taxi from the airport where the driver made yet another funny trick with a taxometer which suddenly ran 3 times faster. Unfortunately the train was already gone and the minibus would have been in half-an-hour. Never take taxis in this city (at least from the airport) - same story for the second (or maybe third) time. And it does not matter which language you speak (probably except Lithuanian). I'm sorry to say but this is very bad promotion of Lithuania.

By far the best way I've found is to hire a car from For little more than the price of a taxi you caqn have a Rimus car all day. THe cars are quiet old but what does that matter when it comes to cheap transport. No frills budget transport, great if your going into Vilnius for a night or two then onto oither parts of Lithuania.

Martonas (Taxi monopol in aeroport) have been caught cheating!!!In two cars was founded taxometer whose wich price per kilometer was 5 times biger, than clients are informedės-taksistų-taksometrai-sukasi-kelissyk-greičiau-negu-turėtų.htm

It's probably noteworthy that the current charge (21 Sep 09) from the airport to the business district hotels (e.g. Reval Lietuva, Holiday-Inn, Ecotel) is 70 LTL with the monopolist taxi company. If you're not clever enough or too tired to call another company. The last No.2 bus leaves at 22:46, which is just slightly too late for some current arrivals e.g. from Stansted and Prague. Minibuses of course don't go that late anyway. The little airport train station indeed looks nice, but again the last train is at about 20:00. Maybe note this trick to get smaller bills from the cash machines: Ask e.g. for 180 LTL, not 200, then you get a bill each at 100,50,20,10.Unlike what people said here, all my No.2 buses (in May and last weekend) were modern grey ones.

I imagine that you feature the new rail link between the airport and the central train station somewhere, but I couldn't find the write up on the IYP site. (My shortcoming, not yours.)I just wanted to write that I was in Vilnius in the second half of July, and took the rail link on arrival and back on departure. I found it to be an excellent and very cheap transportation arrangement - - on the condition that you don't have a lot of bags. For LT2.50 you can get into town, vs. the LT40-50 you pay to do the same by cab, although I would say that the signage from the airport to the rail link could be better (a typical problem in LT). Also, the extra time it takes to get from one's departure point to the train station is made up by the fact that the ride to the airport is only seven minutes. I have been taken all over hill and dale by cab drivers in past airport trips, with the ride taking up to 20 minutes due to traffic, so 7 minutes for LT2.50 is a deal. So chalk one up for the local authorities who developed this idea and saw it to completion. I hope other travelers are equally impressed.

<div>I will be staying at the Hotel Gile, at T.Sevcenkos Str. 16, Vilnius , 03111. Would it be better to take a bus (#2?) or a minibus (#15, 20, 23 or 47?) from airport to get close to the hotel? Or some other way?Do bus and minibus drivers make change if you only have paper money from the airport ATM?Thank you!</div><div> </div><div><em>Hi Miles,</em></div><div><em>They all run past the hotel and the only difference is that the Nº2 is a bit cheaper than the others. Minibus drivers almost always have plenty of change. Bus drivers not so much. If the kiosk's open in the arrivals hall, buy something to break a note just to be on the safe side, and of course if you're planning on getting the Nº2 from there you can also get the ticket from the kiosk and save a further 0.50Lt. <br />Ed.</em></div><div> </div>

Hi, the major trick with taxis at the airport and the rest of the city is to *never* get in one right off the street. You will be charged tripple or more. Call from a local pay-phone (or better yet, your cell with a local phone card) and dial a good old taxi service e.g. 1446 (Ekipazas taxi), and have them pick you up (even if there is one right in front of you waiting on the steet - do not get in!!). Once you "pre-ordere" taxis you will pay a pretty reasonable price for getting around in the city. Frankly, I only use taxis to get around when in Vilnius with my kids - it is even cheaper than riding a local bus or troleybuss, or a "latvia" (minivan bus) when you add all expense for tickets. In short, you need two things, access to a local cell phone (or own your own with "pildyk" phonecard), and a reliable cheap but consistently affordable taxi service # (1446).

G'day,As a regular visitor to Vilnius who's neither sufficiently cashed up to rent a car nor suicidal enough to attempt to drive one, I now catch the train instead of the bus to and from the airport. Despite the ridiculously high step to each carriage, the train is a much better option than lugging a suitcase onto a crowded trolley bus, spending 30 mins on the Lithuanian equivalent of a Disneyworld ride without face planting, then attempting alight at the right stop with all limbs intact.In comparison, the train is uncrowded, its ride smooth, the journey only takes 7 min and costs a meager 2.50 LTL. A timetable is printed in the most recent edition of VNYP.<br /><br /><em>Thanks for your comments Harry, although I should point out there are no trolleybuses running from the airport, just plain old buses. The train certainly is a good option, although if you're not staying near the train station you'll still need to hop on a bus or trolleybus to complete the journey. Ed.</em><br type="_moz" />
Egle Garrick

Hello, much though I love coming to Vilnius and speak Litho - almost enough to pretend I'm not really an Aussie - I've never paid less than 45 litai to get from/to the airport, usually more; so now I just hire a car (info on your site) for a hassle free pick up for 50 litai; just like getting the relos to collect you.<br /><br /><em>Hi Egle, thanks for your comments. You're right about the taxi fare. VIYP were entertaining the </em>Guardian<em> newspaper from the UK last week and their man took a taxi from the airport to Old Town and paid 52Lt. Ed.</em> <br type="_moz" />
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