The Polish Language

28 Jun 2016

Attempting discourse in the Polish language can be terrifying and humiliating, but fortunately for you most Poles, particularly young people, have a healthy command of the English language. Though you can probably get by without it, learning a few key Polish phrases will nonetheless smooth your time in the country of potatoes, cabbage and vodka, and may even win you friends and admirers.

On the downside, Polish is officially recognised as one of the most difficult languages for native English speakers to learn. On the upside, however, unlike in English, words in Polish are actually spelled the way they are pronounced. This is a great help once you know how to pronounce each letter/combination of letters. While many letters represent the same sounds as they do in English, below we have listed those particular to Polish, followed by some basic words and phrases. Powodzenia (Good luck)!


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I speak Russian and German fluently (and I’m from Spain). And now I decided to learn how to speak Polish. I was searching great strategies for me in the Internet and I found school of Polish language, which offers intensive courses in small classes, in great conditions, with native speakers and their own book (I mean published by them, it called “Hurray” if anybody needs to know). I applied and I got there and after I’m really impressed. So if anyone wants to try, look here: www.polishcourses.com
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