For many years the greenest of all Warsaw districts was no man's land for most visitors to the city as it had very little to offer short-term tourists to the city's capital. All that is changing as Mokotów is now one of the fastest growing business centres in the city, even having an area of office buildings around ul. Domaniewska entering local slang - 'Mordor', named after J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy world, the base of all evil! The business investment has attracted a new wave of restaurants, cafes and bars all hoping to lure more foot traffic further south. With more parks per square mile than any other urban space in Poland, Mokotów is well worth a long walk or two to discover all that's new, and old, in the district which was once long ago little more than a village outside the main city walls. In comparison to the city centre, Mokotów suffered far less damage during World War II, so a walk around this area can be quite unique and pleasant, taking in some modernist architecture and palaces, some still bearing the scars of war.
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