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Kawiarnia Literatka
I really hope this establishment is more than it's beautiful location. I came here to have breakfast and work on my laptop. After sitting about ten minutes on their outdoor seating without getting a menu, I went into the cafe to ask for a menu. The staff (1 barman and 3 waitressess) were busy talking to each other at the bar. I got a menu and made sure they had WiFi by asking the waitress. After a while the waitress came out and took my order, a breakfast with a latte. I got the latte after 10 minutes. The latte looked more like a cappucino, A third of the glass was milkfoam, I have never tasted a coffee worse than this. It just tasted sour, like bad milk. Time went by and I tried to connect to their WiFi to get some job done, I asked another waitress to help me with the WiFi she said it didnt work today. After 30 mins I asked for my breakfast order whereupon I was told that I didn't order any breakfast, only a coffee. I fully understand that the waitress does not speak English fluently, that misunderstandings can arise because of it. However, what I cannot accept is that I did not even get an apology because of the missed order or the non- functioning WiFi or at least an offer for a discount on my coffee. It's not about the money, the latte was just 12 zl (3 USD, 3 €). It's all about service and expectations. Im sad to say this but the treatment I got today reminds me more of Eastern block Poland than a West European EU member state. I really hope this establishment is more than it's beautiful location.
04/05/2019 Antonio

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