CALLART1 - Neo-avant-garde art review

Nov 4 - Apr 10 2023       Pl. Strzegomski 2
The first of three such numbered exhibits that will be curated in preparation for the Wrocław Contemporary Museum's final permanent exhibit, CALLART takes its name from a mash-up of CALL (to invoke, evoke, name, ring, demand) and ART (you know, art). The series seeks to discuss various threads and trends throughout the museum's international collection, and CALLART1 will focus on neo-avant-garde art. Here is some specious artspeak from the curators:

The mysterious nature of art provokes many conversations about the meaning of its existence, as its analysis is not an easy task. The peculiar symbiosis of the concept, which begins between the project in the artist's mind, and its final implementation, which reaches the recipient, becomes worth noting. The emanation of the content of a single work each time resounds within a wide visual, theoretical and mental field that is to be decoded. Reading the riddles of the works depends on the perceptual abilities of the recipient, but also a specific training of the language of art. The works from the collection evoke a long chain of associations - those known to us from the environment, but also our own, often very subtle, personal. By analyzing art, getting to know the intentions of artists, we can stop this endless sequence in order to extract what in a given work may become the most important for us. Getting to know art is a chance to meet both others and ourselves.



Open 9:00-15:00. Thu 14:00-20:00, Sat, Sun 12:00-20:00, Closed Tue. Nov 4 2022 - Apr 10 2023

Price/Additional Info

Admission 20/10zł.


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