Bratislava Basics


Bratislava By the Numbers

Population — 424,428
Area — 367.58 square kilometres
Official Language — Slovak
Local Time — Central European (GMT +1)


The weather in Bratislava is typically Central European. That means that the summers are hot without being suffocating, and the winters are cold enough to demand layers of clothing but not so cold as to guarantee frostbite. Extreme temperatures aren’t unheard of, the city has a high of 39.3c and a low of -24.6 after all, but solid mediocrity tends to be the norm. As with almost everywhere else inn Europe, spring and autumn are the best times to visit. 

Is bratislava safe?

Bratislava is a modern European city, but it is blighted by some of the issues that plagued neighbouring capitals just a few short years ago. Keep your eyes open for pickpockets and petty crime, and if an unbelievably beautiful supermodel asks you go to a club you can be sure that the whole thing is too good to be true. Stick to common sense and you’ll be fine. The city is as safe as everywhere else on the whole. 


If you find yourself in dire need of emergency medical assistance in Bratislava, there are four main hospitals you should make a beeline for. One of these is situated in the old town at Mickiewiczova street 13, with further facilities in Petržalka, Kramáre and Ružinov. Most doctors will speak English. 

Public Toilets

The local government takes care of Bratislava’s public toilet network, so expect to pay for use of these particular facilities. A washroom attendant is found in almost all of them, so don’t expect to get away without stumping up the fee. Still, the small fee is better than a €33 fine for doing your business in public. There are plenty of public toilets in the old town. 


This being 2019, practically every establishment in Bratislava will have free WiFi available. If you need access to the internet but are too cheap to buy a cup of coffee somewhere, there are a few hotspots around the centre, namely at Primate’s Square and at the main tourist info centre. 

Can you drink tap water?

Is the tap water in Bratislava safe to drink? In a word, yes. The water flowing out of Bratislava’s taps is fine to drink, although not if there is a cross sign above the tap.


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