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Widely known as the 'Beauty on the Danube', the quaint Slovak capital of Bratislava also has a well-deserved reputation for the beauty of its female citizens, which combined with cheap prices for flights, accommodation and alcohol make Bratislava one of Europe's most popular destinations for stag parties and lad's weekends away. When it comes to adult entertainment - by which we of course mean strip clubs, erotic massage, escorts, old-fashioned prostitution and the like - Bratislava might not be as famous as its Czech neighbour, but rest assured that there are plenty of options to keep yourself and your mates entertained for a few days or longer.

Brastislava Adult Entertainment - Strip Clubs, Erotic Massage, Escorts and Girls

Like most of Europe, the sale of sex in Bratislava is a bit of a grey area, but also like most of Europe, according to Slovak law prostitution itself is perfectly legal, while pimping, running brothels and open solicitation is not. If you're a budding legal scholar you can find the full official English translation of the Slovak legal code (Act No. 300/2005) here, although it's 220 pages long, so you'll probably want to cut to the chase and skip to section 367 on page 186 for the relevant bits about the ins and outs (pun intended) of procuring and soliciting and prostitution.

In practice, the spirit of the laws are often skirted (pun intended again, sorry) by way of extra services that are openly offered at strip clubs and erotic massage parlours, while many of the seedier hotels (and even some of the more respectable looking ones) can help you procure some intimate company for the night. There are also plenty of privats in Bratislava, which is the Slovak spelling for “privates” and refer to unmarked apartment around the city where self-employed entrepreneurial girls who work from home, in other words the Slovak version of in-call escorts.
Adult Entertainment in Bratislava - Gentleman's Clubs, Stag Parties, Prostitution and Sex
While we won't explicitly recommend partaking of these services, they do seem a more wholesome and sustainable option in comparison to the trying your luck in a strip club cum brothel (we'll stop with the puns now), unless getting your bank account drained in exchange for one of those typical Eastern European strip club stories is something you've yet to cross off your bucket list, then by all means have a few too many drinks and see where the night takes you!

Of course the best advice for avoiding a ruined marriage, nasty diseases, moral poverty and/or that crushing guilt slowly eating away at what's left of your soul leaving you feeling empty and hollow inside like one of those sad figures in the background of a Toulouse-Lautrec painting, is to maybe think about just telling your libido to calm down for a bit, and spending your time in Bratislava taking in some of the city's many fine attractions, restaurants, leisure activities that don't involve paying for sex or buying some Slovak souvenirs to take home to your loved ones (if you've still got any of those). At the end of the day you can still appreciate all of those tall, long-legged, blonde Slovak beauties strutting about the streets of the city looking like they're on break from porno shoot.

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