As with any country there are traditions and laws which visitors should be aware of. And in Hungary, in particular Budapest, two worlds seem to coexist. One is rushing confidently towards the future, smart phone in hand; the other seems trapped in a time warp back to the good old bad old days of goulash socialism.

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Editor's Picks & Featured Venues

Auchan Post Office

 XXIII. Bevásárló u. 2-4.

Campona Post Office

 XXII. Nagytétényi út 37-45. (Campona Shopping Center), ground floor

Csepel 1 Post Office

 XXI: Szent Imre tér 21-22.

Dózsa György Úti Post Office

 VII. Dózsa György út 50.

Eurocenter Post Office

 III. Bécsi út 154.

GTS- Datanet

 XIII. Victor Hugo u. 18-22, 2nd floor


 Budaörs, Puskás Tivadar út 8

Keleti Train Station Post Office

 VIII. Baross tér 11/c.

Kispest 4 Post Office

 XIX. Üllői út 201.

Lurdy Shopping Center Post Office

 IX. Könyves Kálmán krt. 12-14.
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