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By the late 19th century the city of Konigsberg had two defensive rings, the Inner Ring which was built close to the city between 1843 and 1859 and the Outer Ring, built between 1872 and 1892. Despite the damage incurred during the defence of the city at the end of the Second World War, there is still a lot left to see with some of the bastions, gates and forts not just open to the public but also the subject of a costly rebuilding and renovation programme.

The fortifications of Konigsberg are some of the most important sights available to the visitor to Kaliningrad for a number of reasons. First and foremost they remain impressive, historic, architectural achievements in a city where such things are few and far between. And in that there is a particular irony. Built at huge expense and effort in the 19th century, it was the failure of these fortifications, built for conflict of a different age, to be able to defend against Allied aerial bombardment and then a huge Soviet ground assault in 1945 that resulted in there being little of old Konigsberg, apart from the remains of the fortifications themselves, for the visitor to see today.

The Inner Ring helps you to orientate where the city of Konigsberg once stood and offers a series of interesting walks on a pleasant day. Not only will you come across the old fortifications, but a few now play host to museums and exhibitions such as the Amber Museum and ‘Konigsberg in the first half of the 20th century exhibition.’

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