The choice of well-known international brands is still a little limited so many Kaliningraders have in recent years, been taking advantage of the border agreement with neighbouring Poland which allows Kaliningrad residents to cross the border into northern Poland without visas. This dramatically changed the shopping experience for many Kaliningraders (and many Polisyh retailers and merchants) as the choice and price of goods in places like Gdansk was a lot better.

The political crisis and more importantly the fall in the value of the Ruble have meant that Poland is less attractive now to Russian shoppers for clothing and electrical goods but the banning of the import of many foreign foods to Kaliningrad as meant a leap in business for border town supermarkets who are now doing a roaring trade in things like Mozarella cheese. 
What this means for you is that prices here are now cheaper than a year or two ago, but the choice is likely to be narrower. It’s also worth noting that there is still quite a lot of counterfeit merchandise available so be careful when looking for big name brands. Instead do what we do and keep an eye out for particular Russian brands we like, especially in clothing.

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