Baltringue. Circus and music performance. Le Cirque Plein d’Air. Festival Plartforma

Wednesday Sep 18 17:30–18:40       Bangų 5a
In this small circus you can hear the rain, the breath and laugh of the neighbour spectator...
It is filled with fragile love standing on the two big hands of a strong man, on the shoulders of a little woman and in the fingers of a musician. Everything is seen, everything is felt, and everything is close here.
So when this little circus arrives on the village square, it reveals the magic of a life spent on the road, its daily routine and history.
The merry-go-round of this life is gradually assembled, with the fantastic numbers of circus artists. Everyone here has its own story and moment of glory, and great marches of the past infuses life to a small circus of the bygone days. A memory fair filled with happiness, an acrobatic cabaret as an invitation to recreate your childhood dreams and, most importantly, to live them.

Cirque Plein d'Air is a is a French circus troupe established in 2008, describing itself as representatives of a new circus that seeks to preserve two aspects of the traditional circus: the stage's circularity and its nomadic nature. The name of the troupe is symbolic: in French it means "circus full of air". The camp, arranged around the show yurt, is a work and everyday space and the small structure of the yurt allows to travel with performances to a variety of venues: festivals, theaters, cultural programs, schools or even hospitals. „Baltringue“, the new performance by Cirque Plein d'Air, retains the core values of the circus company: intimacy, closiness and friendliness.



Sep 17 2019 12:00–13:10
Sep 18 2019 17:30–18:40
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