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Everyone has a favourite Klaipėda. It might be the delicious dining that seems to grow more innovative with every passing year, from beef slow-cooked at a specific temperature to octopus matched with soy beans and seasonal local vegetables, or simply the finest BBQ ribs you’ve ever tasted this side of Melbourne, washed down with local craft beer or a unique cocktail.

If it's summer, it might be sitting out on Theatre Square in the evening in good company, visiting one of the city’s quirky museums, or merely strolling around the yacht harbour. At any time of the year it might be that potent, fabulously mixed house cocktail, or dancing into the mid-morning hours at that club with the amazing sound and light system. Or just an atmospheric Old Town terrace with a beer and a book.
But Klaipėda is also the gateway to the ‘Lithuanian Riviera’, a delectable and fun-loving stretch of coastline, which besides having a lively port city (Klaipėda) also has a family-friendly resort (Palanga), a stunning windswept landscape of sand dunes and natural beauty (Nida) and lots more along the way. These places are still some of Europe’s hidden treasures, to use a cliché, and journeying to the pine-and-dune world that is western Lithuania in any month of the year can be an inspirational revelation.

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