Ordredesordreordredesordre. Dance performance. Festival: Plartforma

Saturday Sep 14 19:30       Bangų 5a
How does a structure occur in chaos? A wave in a sea? Self-organization and solidarity in anarchy? Spiral in a DNA helix? A tune in a bird song? Tenderness in instinct? Toothed mouth in a flower petal?
This performance is a choreographic study based on scientific search on biological systems. Imagine sand dust chaotically gyrating in the wind… The molecules do exactly the opposite. If they are “blind” in a stable state (so-called “sleepwalkers”), they start communicating with each other, acting together and forming organizational structures when in imbalance. If they were colored tennis balls, we would see them bouncing suddenly all blue, then all yellow. In biology, it is not only a rule, but a basic principle of a living system. Is a human being “asleep” in a state of stability? How much chaos, randomness, uncertainty does he allow to get into his hyper-controlled and safe life?
This choreographic structure is accidentally intertwined with Ian Curtis's inner landscape, whose epileptic seizures may have been deliberately structured by him as a form of energy in his creative work and imitated on stage.



Sep 14 2019 19:30
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