Tours to Chornobyl


It’s not every trip abroad you have the chance to visit the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident, is it? The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is only about a two-hour ride north of Kyiv. A number of travel agencies - in conjunction with a government agency - offers a day trip to the region, wisely realising that the market for overnight stays is not great. According to travel companies you can actually enter the contaminated zone, where you’ll be joined by your English-speaking guide, who will show you the fateful reactor N°4 (from a safe distance). You’ll also visit the nearby ghost town of Pripyat - where some apartments still bear witness to the haste in which 47,500 residents were made to leave their homes - and have a chance to converse with residents of surrounding villages who refused to move. A trip to the acres of fields filled with contaminated vehicles, helicopters, etc. used in the cleanup is optional. Comfortingly, you’ll be accompanied on your return trip to Kyiv by the same friendly driver, bringing your 10-hour journey to environmental hell and back to a close. Then you can enjoy a nuclear-free dinner: you’ll participate in the cooking and checking of the ingredients for radiation with a dosimeter. And in case you’re wondering, yes, your body will receive above-average doses of radiation throughout the day, but the effects are said to be harmless... If you are not convinced, you can satisfy your curiosity in radiation free environment: The National Museum of Chernobyl.

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