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  ul. Piotrkowska 138/140 ,   OFF Piotrkowska         more than a year ago
Those visiting from the west may be used to a different style of sports bar: pedigree lagers served by tanned blondes while Sky Sports beams from all available wall space. So here’s something completely different. Set inside OFF Piotrkowska, Football Pub is barely the size of a cupboard, with decorations largely left to the patrons; find ceilings and walls plastered with pennants and scarves donated from Donetsk to Oxford. Hiding underneath all that is a small TV, usually tuned to a local sports channel, as well as a small fridge housing Polish lagers such as Raciborskie and Trybunał and a menu that includes pork knuckle, kaszanka and barbecued sausage. Attracting all from decommissioned conscripts to rowdy Stoke lads, this boys own venue is a pokey delight, and lorded over by a former pro with a tracksuit look and vintage moustache – practice pigeon Polish on him to learn more about his playing adventures.
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it's really "underground", but you can meet there some ex-players from 70., i personally drunk beer with some guys from Widzew, who played vs Manchester City in UEFA Cup in 77
John Butterworth
The review gets this place just right. Try it. Its special and authentic. Hope it lives on for ever.
Bart Schiks

I was working in Lodz in during 92 97 and spend regularely time there.friendly owner and yes it might be old fashion but its not cold and steril like most modern places where cashing the max out of clients is the no-1 priority.I can recommend the place as i know it myself.I have visited Widzew Lodz several times and liked the atmosphere there.Regards Bart Netherlands

Cheap and cheerful if any other folk on here don't like it the GTF!! You are in a foreign land it's quaint and who says you have to stay there ALL night??
David Lynch

If you are looking for wall to wall flt screen TV screens with every match available shown in the bar waitresses in body hugging dresses and skirts with a state of the art sound system and cocktails that would put the Worlds greatest bar man to shame then forget it you wont find that ere. If you are looking for a real boozer with locals rather than tourists then this is your place. One small TV screen although the adjoining cafe has two but very friendly customers and staff great service and very reasonably priced too. A minute or two at most from Pilsudskiego in a food court just off Piotrkowska.
kev g

Football pub is a s******e but it's a good shit hole if the guy did not like the place why did he spend so much money?Maybe he has s**t for brains.Just to upset him more the owner has bought a new outlander.Who's the fool? <br />

How anyone could write a review like Jamie has and claim to spend as much money as he did is quite simply amazing. Its really a testament to his own stupidity than a reflection of the bar which is basic but fun and full of real locals. Anyone who knows anything about Lodz knows that there is almost infinite choice there for bars so guess what Jamie next time you arrive in a bar you dont like just move on to the next one. The beer here is cheap with good variety. The locals as others have said are friendly and its much more like a real bar than some kind of plastic palace you can expect to find in Vanilla Town UK. The food court here is basic but good. Then again if you want Gordon Ramseey to cook for you i suggest you stay in f-ing England.

Be absolutely clear - this place is a complete sh1t hole of the very highest order. The only person excited to be there, judging by the photo of the 1976 Widzew Lodz team, is the physio whose tracksuit bottoms were rather too tight for his own good.Between 18 of us, actually make that 17 of us!, we spent enough Zlotych in this bar to allow the owner to retire. Word has it he's handing over the keys to one of the many tramps that sit in the filthy pigeon-ridden square outside. No wonder he couldn't stop smiling. Speaking of pigeons, avoid the Hong Kong special at the local Asian take away like the plague.As well as spending all our cash in this fella's "sports bar", we also helped to increase the value of this grotty little hole by taking the bog door off its hinges. At least you can now see the portable tele whilst ridding your bowels of next door's contaminants!

It's a bit grubby, a bit down and out, but if you're a football bloke it's bloody great. tiny little room, but friendly natives, cheap beer and lots of football chat - and kebabs served practically on their doorstep for afters
Ray Wentland

The owner played for Widzew Lodz along with Boniek and Smolarek. There even a team picture on the wall. The owner is very friendly and its a real football pub. Definitely recommended. Its located not too far from the Lodzki Galeria on Ulica Pilsudskiego and incidentally there is some pretty cool music coming out of one of the Kebab stalls mentioned in the article.

Iliked this bar, and its my Oxford pennant on the wall;-]
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