Although no longer possessing the 365 churches it used to, Ohrid remains a great place to enjoy some of the best cultural and historical sightseeing in Macedonia and features plenty of surviving Orthodox houses of worship and a couple of very old mosques that are absolutely outstanding and that must be seen when in town. If you’ve got enough time you should also visit the St. Naum Monastery close to the Albanian border in the south and make a trip to the quirky town of Struga 15km or so in the opposite direction.

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Guided tours

Although there’s nothing wrong with experiencing Ohrid and the region that surrounds it as an entirely independent traveller, a guided tour is guaranteed to enrich your understanding of the place you’ve paid good money to visit and will also contribute to keeping the small scale local economy afloat. If you can’t find anything interesting via the usual offers made by almost every hotel in town, the following person offers all manner of thoughtful and rewarding cultural adventures.

Boat trips

Not surprisingly, boat trips on Lake Ohrid are a popular pastime for people visiting the town and there are plenty of available options for those interested. Moored along the water’s edge at the far western end of the Old Bazaar, boats range in size and quality from little more than a bathtub with an outboard motor to fully fledged pleasure cruisers. Most trips are pre-arranged, the most popular one being a visit to the St. Naum Monastery, although anything’s possible if you have the money and power to persuade. Prices start at around 60den and can rise to as much as 10,000den if you want to take full possession of a large craft for a long period.
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